Online Writer Starter Pack (Notion Templates)

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Turn the mess in your head into articles people want to read. Here's how.

Frustrated by questions like...

  • How do I create successful blog posts every time?
  • How do I arrange my day?
  • And how do I come up with writing ideas?

Or maybe you're plagued by...

  • Lack of motivation for your writing projects you swore you would do
  • Uncertain about how much writing you've done and how to meet your goals
  • Wasting time switching between various apps and tools when working on your writing projects.

With this online writer starter pack, you will...

  1. Be more organized with a weekly to-do list template:
    • Get your tasks under control, reducing stress and improving your work-life balance.
    • Boost your productivity and feel a sense of accomplishment as you complete your to-do lists.
  2. Create more cohesive blog posts with a blog post outline & checklist:
    • Write blog posts that grab your readers' attention, leading to more shares and increased website traffic.
    • Build a professional online presence with well-structured and persuasive content.
  3. Keep the ideas flowing with tips on writing 10 article ideas per day:
    • Free your creativity and think innovatively, making it easier to handle different writing projects.
    • Beat writer's block and produce content consistently, establishing yourself as a prolific and respected writer

Use these templates to ensure you have the basics covered before hitting publish.

  • Compose your articles in Notion, keep everything organized, and even create a schedule for your writing.

Josh Spilker has more than 11,000 followers on Medium and has written viral articles like this & this. In his day job, he is a content marketing and SEO expert for leading startups, like ClickUp, Toptal, Tettra, and more.

He writes regularly about the creative process at

Duplicate the Notion templates & start using it right away on your blog posts. You must have Notion for this to work!

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5 Notion Templates To Help Your Writing

Weekly To-Do List / Planner
Blog Post Checklist / Outline
Idea Generation Tips / List
Regular Productivity Newsletter
Quick Note-Taking Cheat Sheet
Medium Article Organizer
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Online Writer Starter Pack (Notion Templates)

1 rating