Blog Post Outline & Checklist (Notion Template)

Josh Spilker

How do you create successful blog posts every time?
Use this checklist to ensure you have the basics covered before hitting published.

It covers items like your purpose, format, key points, and more.

It's built in Notion.

You can compose your articles in Notion, keep everything organized, and even create a schedule for your writing.

Duplicate the template & start using it right away on your blog posts.

Because of the nature of this content, there will not be any refunds.

Josh Spilker has more than 11,000 followers on Medium and has written viral articles like this & this. In his day job, he is a content marketing and SEO expert for leading startups.

He writes regularly about the creative process at Create Make Write.

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Blog Post Outline & Checklist (Notion Template)

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