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Hey, this is one of the weekly to-do lists I've designed and tweaked in Notion.

This gives you a weekly view to keep your tasks and ideas together.

You can:

  • Set weekly goals in Notion
  • Create your MITs (most important tasks)
  • Have a task list for each day
  • Save links to interesting articles
  • Get 5 template pages for each week, then duplicate them for each month of the year

Must have a Notion free plan (or better) for this to work!

Just duplicate the planner and get to work.

You'll then be added to Create Make Write, my weekly Substack newsletter.

Who is Josh?
Josh is a content marketing expert and productivity aficionado, who has worked for 4 different productivity and team communication companies. He writes about online writing, creativity and productivity each Tuesday at

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Task list for each day
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Save links that you discover
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